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The Concept

The WhiteRoomSupperClub is hosted in a stylish apartment overlooking London. The idea is to give people the chance to enjoy good food and meet new people in a relaxed homely atmosphere. It should just feel like a dinner party with friends. Evenings are BYO and the suggested donation is £35. Please email for reservations.
The Supper Club is located minutes from the City and the Barbican and is also close to the tube and various bus routes.

The Food

You will be served seasonal 4 course menus at the WhiteRoom. The ingredients are as far as possible locally sourced, fish comes from Steve Hatt, meat from McKenna Meat and most of the fruit and veggies from the stalls at Chapel Market.
Although menus are posted, I can always cater for dietary requirements. Just ask when booking.

Private Dinners

Having a birthday coming up or a corporate occasion to celebrate? You can book the WhiteRoom for private dinners from 8 to 25 people. Just get in touch for further details.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

White Asparagus

Hm - after having been lazy for months I think it is time for another short update. The WhiteRoomSupper club has been really busy with the usual suppers, corporate get togethers, birthday's and another hen night. And for the first time, last Saturday 2 guests turned up who were booked in for this Saturday - so things keep being interesting. 
Anyway - as May was mainly focused around the White Asparagus, I thought might post some information about preparation and cooking of the German variety. Give it a try. 
First of all it looks like you can only buy the German Asparagus at the German Deli,
the good thing is that they only import the best quality on the market so you can't go wrong. 
Then you will need to peel the asparagus about 2 thirds, leave the top out - if you don't have a special asparagus peeler use a potato peeler - be diligent as it might not turn out really soft if it is not peeled properly.
Keep the peel and the woody ends which have be cut off. Boil them in water (add a bit off sugar) for about 15 Minutes. Take the peel out and use the stock to boil the asparagus. You can use a spaghetti pot and put the asparagus upright (soft heads up), if you don't have one use a large pot and bundle the asparagus with some string into portions. Now put into the boiling stock for about 15 to 20 minutes - until the asparagus is nice and soft. Best way to serve it is just with a bit of Hollandaise, new potatoes and some cold meats. Black Forest Ham goes really well with it. Enjoy!
And if you don't want to try it yourself - there are still a few spots available for the asparagus dinner on May 25.

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