Booking & Information

The Concept

The WhiteRoomSupperClub is hosted in a stylish apartment overlooking London. The idea is to give people the chance to enjoy good food and meet new people in a relaxed homely atmosphere. It should just feel like a dinner party with friends. Evenings are BYO and the suggested donation is £35. Please email for reservations.
The Supper Club is located minutes from the City and the Barbican and is also close to the tube and various bus routes.

The Food

You will be served seasonal 4 course menus at the WhiteRoom. The ingredients are as far as possible locally sourced, fish comes from Steve Hatt, meat from McKenna Meat and most of the fruit and veggies from the stalls at Chapel Market.
Although menus are posted, I can always cater for dietary requirements. Just ask when booking.

Private Dinners

Having a birthday coming up or a corporate occasion to celebrate? You can book the WhiteRoom for private dinners from 8 to 25 people. Just get in touch for further details.

Friday, 21 May 2021

The doors are open again...finally...

I am missing was in February 2020 that I welcomed the last group to dine...there were some small bookings over the autumn but due to changes in regulations they had to be cancelled. I kept myself bury with voluntary work...instead of cooking for up to 25 it suddenly became 150...

But now with the easing of restrictions, we are able to meet indoors as of now I can offer you small private celebrations, hen parties, birthdays, corporate celebrations, networking events - without the 1.5 hour slots available in restaurants. 

And if you look further ahead and have things coming up later this year - I am taking bookings for up to 25 again from June 21. Would love to see you around, evenings start from 39£ per head - and its BYOB. 

And hopefully later this year I will be able to offer the classic supper clubs again as well. Email

Stay Safe! 

Monday, 22 June 2020

WhiteRoomSupper Club during Lockdown

At the start of this year no one would have thought this post would need to be written. I had just hosted a few Chinese tour groups for Chinese New Year celebrations, and the whole of 2020 was pinned out with regular bookings of those groups during the year...until Covid 19 came and changed the world.
It was clear that there were no supper clubs to be hosted for a while, and no Chinese tourist groups to arrive for even a longer while. 
Something had to be done, I didn't want to spend my time binge watching Netflix, advancing myself with halfhearted online courses or trying somehow to establish an "online supper club".
Volunteering it was, since March I have been helping at Food for All, cooking and distributing meals. I was also enabled to set up a team of 5 to cook and distribute 100 meals to the homeless on Trafalgar Square each Friday. 25 guests maximum at the WhiteRoom seems like a piece of cake now. WhiteRoom standards (almost) adhered to - we have been told to serve the best food on the Square ;-)
Learning so much about the people on the street, some of which only ended up there due to Covid-19 Here the more details and the GoFundMe Link. 
related job losses, desperate during lockdown, with no access to facilities, I started I non food related initiative: ToiletriesForTheStreets. I have raised over £2,000 so far and been providing emergency pack kits as in direct outreach and organised big handouts.
Covid-19 has changed my world - to the better. The opportunities I had to try new things, meet new people, see a different dimension of live in London, it definitely enriched my life.
I hope to welcome you soon again into my home - so if you have celebrations planned later this year - do get in touch.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Spring it's on the way

The new decade has arrived to a shaky start ... but spring is around the corner, so let us be positive. 
Spring is usually the time of Hen parties, so get in touch if you have to organise one. I still have a few Saturday's available - if you want a unique experience, you are at the right place.
Obviously, I also cater for birthdays and other celebrations as well as any kind of corporate dinner.
In terms of regular supper clubs, there is a St Patrick's Dinner coming up. Join the table for some Irish fun. 
Check the menu at the "Next Events" tab.
That's it for now. Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Christmas is coming to town...again...

Time flies, it feels like it was spring only the other day - but the year is coming to an end. So we at the WhiteRoom start thinking about Christmas - and have already taken some bookings. If you need to organise your company or team Christmas outing, why not think of dinner at the WhiteRoom. It is BYOB, so your drinks budget is totally in your hand and drinks can be delivered here in advance. You can also stay for more than the 2 hours in a restaurant - so time for some Secret Santa or just more time to chat. Get in touch - I cater for 10 to 25 guests and prices start at 35£.

But before the season starts, we have lined up a Thanksgiving Feast and a German St Martins Goose dinner. Details in the Event section - book your ticket and come along.


Saturday, 5 January 2019

New Year - New Suppers

And another year has started again - after a busy Christmas season, the WhiteRoom is ready for 2019.
So if you are planning a big birthday, a hen party, a networking event or a coproate celebration, get in touch and we can plan an amazing evening for you. 10 to 25 guests, each day of the week.

If you just want to join the table, come around for the next supper club - everyone welcome. Come alone, bring a friend, or a few. 
In January we are celebrating Burns Night, with delicous Scottish food and even a wee Whiskey.
Check it out and book via the "Next Events" Section.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Special Event - Terrarium Thursday

Think of Christmas presents early this year - and have a fun evening at the same time. Create your very own indoor garden with Borrowed Light Floral Studio, then enjoy a sumptuous meal.
Your evening starts with a welcome drink and delicious canapes. Once everyone has arrived and feels homely your workshop begins.
Borrowed Light Floral Studio will teach you all about the eco-system within a terrarium and how to care for them. Then there will be the chance to get your hands dirty to make your own. All materials that you will need are included, a glass vessel, fittonia plant, the perfect soil base, cushion moss and pebbles to decorate as you wish.
When everyone is happy with their creation, you will get seated for a scrumptious 2 course autumnal meal with wine of your choice included.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Christmas is coming to town,,,again!

It is this time of the year again - although it still feels like summer with 20+C, it is actually time to think about Christmas.
Bookings are already starting to come in. So in order to safe your date, do get in touch and book you corporate Christmas Dinner - or a family and or friends catch up. 
Hosting dinners from 10 to 25 guests - from 35£ a head - and the Booze is BYO and can be ordered for delivery here in advance. That means it catered for all budget - you can splash out on Champagne or get some cheaper bottles. 

December is booking up quickly though - so the earlier you get in touch the better.
In the meantime, there is obviously Halloween and Thanksgiving - check out the Events section for the supper club details - or get in touch if you want your private party. 
Hen's and Birthday celebrations welcome as well of course.